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Lose Yourself Inside an Infinite Digital Wormhole

Get hypnotized by Montreal-based digital art studio Iregular's new video projection.
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Frank Stella's Concentric Squares shoot into Star Trekkian hyperspace in Montreal-based digital art studio Iregular's new fluorescent installation, Forward. The studio, who in the past has created light harps, balloon domes, and more, situated their projection-mapped project within two opposing tunnels. Built into a round curved wall to allow the projection to play with the viewer’s perspective, the project appears acutely square, framed in black paint to create the optical illusion that it's floating in space. As for the visuals, “The content is fully generative, random and infinite," Iregular founder Daniel Iregui tells The Creators Project. "Every decision the software takes has a certain probability and random amounts, so [it's] never the same.” Finally, the content is synched up with a dark, foreboding soundtrack that changes with each configuration. The end result, as shown below, is mesmerizing.



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