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This Homemade Simpsons Couch Gag Is a Nightmare

French animator Yoann Hervo brings haunting surrealism to The Simpsons’ opening sequence.
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French animator and filmmaker Yoann Hervo, presents a surreal and nightmarish rendition of the iconic opening sequence of The Simpsons. There is something inexplicably eerie about obtuse shapes, sharp jagged edges, and disproportionate humanoids. Maybe it’s the twisted and mangled laws of physics that make us so uneasy and apprehensive?

In collaboration with fellow animators Charles Huettner, Ivan Dixon and James Hatley, Hervo transports America’s yellow family to a lateral universe that adopts its physicality from artists like Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte.


In the video’s description, Hervo explains that the original idea was to work with animators to produce a unique short story that takes place in the Simpson’s universe. Although the full-scale project never came to fruition, Hervo wanted to release at a fraction of what he made.

This meta art interpretation of the iconic couch gag brings us back to aesthetics of German Expressionism or cubism. Whether the VHS tracking lines had some theoretical purpose, it is a stark reminder of the show’s 26 season long history.

Hervo and his crew join a long list of artists that have reimagined and morphed The Simpsons. Most recently our friends at Rick and Morty added their own play on the Simpsons theme, so without further ado:

See more of Yoann Hervo's work on Vimeo.

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