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[Music Video] Digital Heroes Save a Sinking Cyber Party

Between Pixelord's beats and Alexandre Louvenaz's trippy animation, this party is foolproof.
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A trippy new music video collaboration between Russian producer Pixelord and French animator Alexandre Louvenaz follows an elite squad of partiers on a mission to go save a cyber party from the threat of boredom and normality. The video for "Rescue Cyber Party" is unique in that Louvenaz's animation and Pixelord's beats were developed in tandem, with each artist reacting to the other's work and tweaking their own part accordingly to make the technolandscape a seamless adventure to the best party animation can build.


Louvenaz tells The Creators Project that upon meeting Pixelord, "Fast enough, we agreed to work on an aquatic cyber world. He send me the first version of the music, and when I was listening it was perfect because it felt like sound FX, and gave me many ideas. I did a version, and then Pixelord did a lot of the composition… [His] music style was so textured and detailed that I wanted to develop the same universe with images. It took me five months to do that."

The natural rhythm of the collaboration led to a beautiful, internet-y world that we'd party in any day, without getting bogged down by narrative or exhausting character development. "I am a big fan of 90's G.I. Joe," Louvenaz says. "All of them have a specific function and the most important thing is to fight, they wear fluorescent suits. This is really cool!" And that's what the video feels like, a virtual G.I. Joe team for making parties awesome. Now we just need one in the real world.

Watch "Rescue Cyber Party" below:

See more of Alexandre Louvenaz's work on his website, and hear more Pixelord here.


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