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The Future Is Here, And It's a Japanese Pop Concert

Daito Manabe teams up with Japanese pop group Perfume to take projection-mapped performances to the next level.
March 23, 2015, 6:00pm
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SXSW may have come and gone, but this next-level performance from Japan's Perfume lives on. Watch visual wizard Daito Manabe once again cast his technical spells in the video above: a six-minute tour de force of projection mapped illusions, swift cameras, and skilled choreography.

According to Wired, Manabe worked with producer Kaoru Sugano and a team of designers to combine 3D scanning, motion capture, computer graphics, and projections to create an unbelievable concert experience. They 3D scanned both the venue and Perfume's dance routine, designing the basic light show around those models. In real time, motion-capture cameras tracked the dancers and the cameras, adjusting each pan and projection with such precision that the universe warps and bends on the screen in front of you.


Assuming you still believe in existence after a viewing or two of Perfume's performance, you can learn more about Daito Manabe on his website and Kaoru Sugano here. Check out more of Perfume's videos on the official YouTube channel.


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