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VFX Fairy Tale 'SEEDBED' Offers a Glimpse into a Transhumanist Future

Immerse yourself in the weird technological wildnerness of Dan Kokotajlo's upcoming short film.
Images courtesy the artist

Director Dan Kokotajlo crafted a breathtaking teaser film about overzealous vegetation tearing apart London last year. Now, he's back at it, but with a more subtle vision the future: commissioned for the Pausefest, SEEDBED is a mixed live action and VFX film exploring man's tendency to mythologize technological innovation. In this trailer for Kokotajlo's "twisted fairy tale," as he calls it, we see glimpses of a transhumanist world of mechanical organs and liquid interfaces, all beautifully composed by Kokotajlo's expert eye.


The film is inspired by a 2012 New York Times article about inventions that changed the world, which Kokotajilo quotes in his project description: "[It’s] all the little failures, trivialities and not-quite-solved mysteries that make the successes possible…. This is what innovation looks like. It’s messy, and it’s awesome.” Watch the trailer for SEEDBED above, and stay tuned to Kokotajlo's website for forthcoming details about the final film.

Find out more about the film at Pausefest, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia February 9-15.


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