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Nature Gets Its Own Highlight Reel With This Otherworldly Timelapse

This Earth Day, you deserve some soothing vistas of our stunning planet, courtesy of photographer Shawn Reeder.
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No matter how good the latest Netflix drama is (looking at you Daredevil), nature still makes the best TV. Case in point? Eternal Spectrum, an ethereal timelapse of the night sky over the majority of the national parks photographer Shawn Reeder could find in New Zealand and the American West. The inescapable feeling of drifting through space permeates the film, as the Milky Way framed by desert crags and snowy mountains floats effortlessly across the screen.


"I love being out under the stars, watching the moon light up the sky and landscape, the colors of sunrise and sunset, the energy of storms, the magnificence of the sun as it touches the horizon, hiking the trails, climbing the mountains, playing in the ocean, and just getting to experience the awe inspiring beauty of our National Parks," Reeder says in Eternal Spectrum's video description. Do yourself an Earth Day favor by soaking in the resplendent beauty our planet has to offer, and then, y'know, go outside?

Check out more of Shawn Reeder's stunning photography on his website.


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