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Saying Goodbye to the Gooey Glory of the Squishiest Art Vine Account, Primetimeslime

Even after the death of our favorite six-second video app, here’s how you can still watch minutes and minutes of gloopy goodness.

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As of this week, six-second video-hosting app Vine has finally bitten the dust. Though the Vine app, however, has been replaced with the “Vine Camera” app (which uploads looping videos directly to Twitter), hours and hours of Vine’s short videos are luckily still viewable on Vine’s website, Among these archived relics of a micro-video age are hundreds of art-related Vine accounts, which vary from artists whose primarily medium was intricate Vine creations, to well-known creatives who dabbled in Vining, to others who simply curated interesting internet finds on the app.


One of the most viscerally satisfying accounts in this varied artistic community was “primetimeslime.” Created by 20-year-old Kendahl Hawkins, primetimeslime was dedicated to sharing the best sticky, viscous, and syrupy animations from across the web. Whether it was CG honey dripping onto floating balls, gelatin dominoes plopping on top of each other in slow succession, or a strange metal sphere turning a lounge chair into a gloppy mess, primetimeslime was a syrupy treat to behold.

“I started primetimeslime as an extension of my Tumblr blog, which was where I would ‘curate’ images, videos, and GIFS of slime I found around the web to look at when I was stressed,” Hawkins tells The Creator’s Project. “I used Vine because the site could capture the high-quality renderings better than GIFs.”

Hawkins says she would search Vimeo for renderings of viscous fluids, soft body experiments, and other physics simulations. You can now find links to the aggregated artists on a Vimeo playlist here.

“Like everyone, I’m disappointed Vine was shut down,” says Hawkins. “It was a great platform and contributed so much to internet culture. The brevity of the videos made Vine special. I think this impacted the production and consumption of viral videos across a lot of platforms.”

At the premature end of its run, primetimeslime amassed more than 31 million loops and over 10,000 followers. You can see some of the greatest hits below.


See the rest of primetimeslime’s videos here.


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