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Visual Experiments Show Us The Future of Photography

Shooting pictures in the age of Photoshop.
June 19, 2015, 10:30pm
The New Road, 2013. © Dillon DeWaters

In the exhibit, The Future is Forever, alumni of the joint MFA program between the  International Center of Photography and Bard College show photographic works that demonstrate the evolution from the darkroom to works processed in front of a computer.

The three-month long show compiles work from graduates over the last decade. Curated Jorge Alberto Perez, the show is housed at ICP’s studio within Mana Contemporary art center in New Jersey.


The 15 photographers highlighted in the show focus on the experimental process of making new photographic works. They utilize software and digital programs to compose thier works.

Dillon Dewaters see’s his photographs as installations and much of his artistic process commands erasing and assembling. In Joseph Desler Costa’s work he reveals the influence of tools like Photoshop both in the post-production and in the construction of the images themselves. Liz Sales uses handcrafted film cameras that house crystal balls that double as lenses giving off a whimsical ode.

Over the next few months each artist will take over the ICP Instagram account. The exhibition runs through August 1st.

Untitled (The Aleph), 2013. © Liz Sales.

Urethane Foam and Gaff Tape Construction, 2015. © Joseph Desler Costa

Jack of Diamonds from Deck of Pratts, 2013. © Libby Pratt

Gioppino, 2015. © Christian Erroi [Click to enlarge]


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