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Watching Iridescent Ink Spread On Fingerprints Is Visual Heaven

Ruslan Khasanov's newest ink project is swirling, genetic hypnosis.

One of the simple pleasures of drawing with ink is that moment when it spills and pools out onto your fingerprints, creating a colorful river in the shape of your defining genetic marks. Artist Ruslan Khasanov, known for his past work with soap and ink, has captured that artistic happening (as well as its digital equivalent) in his simple-but-captivating video, "WARM-UP."

"Paint-stained hands gave me the idea to use this graphic style," Khasanov told The Creators Project—"Ink flowing down on pleats like a labyrinth, exploring the uniqueness of skin texture." He added that the goal was to unite to skin texture with pixels, "our digital skin" as he aptly describes.


Through pixel distortion (aided with water and gel placed on iPads) and macro shots of swirling ink, the personal project is a visual gem, enhanced with an ambient soundtrack by Dmitry Evgrafov. See some GIFs from the work below, and get lost in the vibrant pools…

See more of Ruslan Khasanov artwork over at his Behance page:


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