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It's Smooth Sailing Over Chernobyl in This Drone Footage

This submission to the very first New York Drone Film Festival takes you on a frigid vacation to Pripyat, Ukraine.
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Look up, because the New York Drone Film Festival has descended upon the city that never sleeps. The Fallout is drone cinematography outfit AeroCine's entry into the festival's inaugural lineup, a drone's-eye-view of the Chernobyl-ravaged city of Pripyat, Ukraine in the winter. The Drone Film Festival bills itself as having "the best of drone cinema," and The Fallout lives up to that claim: while some aerial films fall victim to motion-blur and shakiness, AeroCine's short is smooth like butter as it juxtaposes the Soviet-era crumbling amusement park and apartment buildings of the city against a blanket of white, deceptively safe-looking snow.


Watch The Fallout above, then check out more selections from the New York Drone Film Festival on their website.

Visit AeroCine's website for more of their high-flying cinematography.


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