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Here's Tom Brady as a Literal Greek God

Professional face swappers take on Super Bowl greats in this Greek mythology mashup.
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman in 'The Return of Neptune' (ca. 1754) by John Singleton Copley.

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Last night Tom Brady celebrated a hard won victory over the Seattle Seahawks, but today he escapes the small screen for a more traditional form of adulation. The professional face swappers over at Noblify have transformed the superstar athelete and several of his fellow players into classical paintings of Greek gods. The site's CEO Chris Jensen shared these images with Extra Mustard, revealing that their renditions of Patriots players Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski "invoke Greek myths in which Zues [sic] sends down a bird (representing the Seahawks) to dole out punishment."


When they're not creating Super Bowl-inspired pop art, Noblify offers their services to the masses by selling classical paintings modified with custom-painted customers' selfies, which you can order here.


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