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Instagram's Most Freakout-Worthy Double Rainbows Get Mapped

Explore a geotagged map of double rainbows from all over the world using Michelle Chandra's Chrome Experiment, 'Chasing Double Rainbows.'

Instagram user @Porrask's image of a double rainbow appeared on Chasing Double Rainbows. 

The 2010 Double Rainbow freakout video that turned Paul "Bear" Vasquez into a modern metaphor for overzealous appreciation now has a modern, javascript-enabled update thanks to artist and NYU grad student Michelle Chandra, who has created an animated, geotagged stream of Instagram's constant double rainbow coverage. As the original Double Rainbow vid creeps towards 41 million plays, nearly 400,000 Instagram posts have been tagged #DoubleRainbow, giving Chandra a wealth of material to work with for her revisitation of the web phenomenon, Chasing Double Rainbows.


Chandra's Chrome Experiment pairs the growing Instagram feed with an animated map, linking each geotagged location with a massive digital rainbow. The occasional soundbite from the video interjects whenever anyone tags a post with a reference to Vasquez's iconic video ("It's a double rainbow, all the way!"), allowing us to appreciate the viral phenomenon anew.

Chandra created the Chasing Double Rainbows visualizer with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and D3.js for the front end, and Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Instagram API, and Google Geocoding API under the surface. The piece isn't just a tasteful remix of an aging meme, but also a novel way to experience an Instagram feed. Below, check out Chasing Double Rainbows and some of the images that inspired it.

Screencap via

Screencap via

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To explore Chandra's updated double rainbow experience for yourself, visit the Chasing Double Rainbows website here.


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