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Video Artist Makes Human Data Writhe Like Liquid Metal

Denial of Service morphs and glitches Kinect footage in the video for personal track "Contour & Shape."
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Contour & Shape from denial of service on Vimeo.

Datamoshing master H. Martis—a.k.a. Denial of Service—will set your ears on edge and leave your mind whirring with his latest audiovisual electrifier for song "Contour & Shape." Armed with an impressive arsenal of software and talent, Martis has engineered a coded cyberverse of digitally deconstructed B&W images and sounds.

Late last year, The Creators Project covered Martis’s chaotic Secret_Science video for the “drone’n’roll” band MECHANIMAL, produced almost entirely with an Xbox Kinect 360. For "Contour & Shape," D.o.S. renounced his Xbox, exclusively creating this video’s visuals with a Kinect. After capturing his images with the Brekel Kinect software, the engineer then manipulated them through the Meshlab system in Processing. He then rendered the video’s sequences with modeling software 3ds Max and made his final touches in Ruby.


All the technicalities of Martis’ highly-detailed result in 3:18 minutes of coded complexity. A single figure writhes in glitched gyrations as an ominous synthesized soundtrack—also sequenced by the artist—narrates the action. It's edgy, unnerving, and undeniably esoteric, and it'll pull you instantly down into an alternate data dimension straight out of Martis’ glitched-out imagination.

Explore more of Martis’ coded creations on his website and his Vimeo.


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