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Tiny Chairs Are a Design Nerd’s Perfect 'Jenga'

How many can you stack?
Individual chair measures 75 x 30 x 30mm. All images courtesy of All stART

Both stackable and incredibly lightweight, a stackable collection of miniature straight-backed chairs is like an interior designer's perfect version of Jenga. Created by the design collective All stART, these seats are a close study in detail and construction (each chair is composed of compressed cardboard and wooden case lined paper), and make for a great game that involves balancing as many chairs as possible, hence the no-frills name, “Chair Game.”


“Chairs come in many forms and everybody can remember certain ones among them,” All stART shares with The Creators Project. ”But the representation of the chair […] can only be shown by that which is most essential: its architecture. We have therefore chosen this one—schematic and unadorned, almost skeletal—to represent them all in this game of chairs.” Check out the Chair Game in action below:

All stART is a unique homewares and decor mecca, offering everything from eye-catching coasters to minimalist home installations. Find more of their offerings, and purchase the “Chair Game,” here.


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