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True Detective

And Now There's A True Detective Soundboard

Channel your inner Rust Cohle with these infinitely quotable sound-bytes.

If time is a flat circle, there’s surely plenty of it to relive True Detective’s best moments with a soundboard app developed for show enthusiasts. Developed by Hierophant Green, the application houses the best one-liners, rants, and ruminations from nihilist Rust Cohle, simple man Marty Hart, and (here be spoilers) baddie Errol Childress.

Apart from its murky morality, six-minute tracking shots, and stellar acting, True Detective became a fan hit partly due to its barrage of memorable quotes. Publications the internet over were compiling quote lists episode by episode. But reading them off a computer monitor just doesn’t pack the philosophical punch that hearing Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson wax poetic does. Now’s your chance to have nuggets of quotable gold at your disposal


Below are a sampling of the lines included in the soundboard:

Rust Cohle

“It’s all one ghetto, man. Giant gutter in outer space.”

“World needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.”

“You know, me, I don’t see the connection between two dead cats and a murdered woman. But then, I’m from Texas.”

Marty Hart

“Listen, uh, ahem, this is a stupid time to mention this but you’ve got to come to dinner. Can’t put Maggie off anymore so you just gotta.”

“You know, throughout history I bet old men have said the same thing. And old men die and the world keeps spinning.”

“WelI, I don’t use $10 words as much as you, but for a guy who sees no point in existence, you sure fret about it an awful lot.”

Errol Childress

“My family’s been here a long, long time…”

“Ah…come up in me lap, lass. Here, and let me comfort ye in your distress.”

“This is Carcosa.”

Green’s soundboard app includes over 100 of Rust Cohle’s best lines, 80 of Marty’s best expletive-filled hilarities, and 22 of Errol Childress’ voice-bending bellows. Its plus edition boasts an additional 43 lines from other secondary characters. Just because Rust Cohle isn't good at parties doesn’t mean you have to be too.

Note: This is a fan-made and unofficial application.


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