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Artist Boxes Lightning and Black Holes in Elegant Glass Displays

Photographer Raffaello De Vito captures the fleeting beauty of natural phenomena.
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Photographer Raffaello De Vito captures fleeting natural phenomenon—floating clouds, unhinged lightning bolts, bubbles, and levitating feathers—containing them in glass boxes. The series, called Atmosfere, is "an exercise in representing visual memory," he writes. "I reproduce what I remember…I reproduce what no longer exists."

Previously, the artist has suspended herbs from his garden and animal organs in the same illusionary fashion. De Vito remains elusive about his creative process—there are no wires to be seen in any of the final images. His reason for this is simple: "I believe that photography should be poetry and that poetry should suggest mystery."


Below, a selection of images from Atmosfere:

Check out more of Raffaello De Vito's photography on his Behance page.


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