These Surreal Photos of Spirits Aren't Real But Can You Really Be Sure?

Christopher McKenney's ghostly photography warps reality.
December 31, 2016, 5:15am
All images © Christopher McKenney 

This article was originally published on November 11, 2013 but we think it still rocks!

Photographer Christopher McKenney's Surreal photo series is nothing short of terrifying. Taken in his Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania neighborhood, the young creator has brought everything from witches to "self-made ghosts" to these haunted woods.

Taking multiple stills, McKenney often puts a sheet over his head and later photoshops his body out to give the impress of a hovering figure or floating apparition. "I like taking away identity when photographing and to leave people thinking. I only make the photos I do to express myself and what other people see or think is up to them, as long as I make them feel anything I’m ok with that," McKenney explains.

Below, watch as:

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