Watch Giant, Levitating Balls Learn to Dance

Harvey & John's newest kinetic installation features a live demonstration of the Bernoulli Principle in action.
December 10, 2015, 6:25pm
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British creative studio Harvey & John, the engineer design duo behind both floating sculptures and kinetic chandeliers, have recently unveiled their latest installation, Thought Bubbles, an immersive piece wherein an arrangement of large spheres levitate on individual vertical columns of air. Thought Bubbles experiments with a recurring theme in Harvey & John’s work, the Bernoulli Principle. It's a rule in fluid dynamics that ultimately explains how “spheres will float on columns of high flow, low pressure air,” according to their project description. The project was originally conceived as a creative rendition of the whiteboard, dubbed a ‘levitating billboard’ by its designers. Each sphere is synced up to a phone app that encourages a more interactive experience and allows for choreographed performance.

Check out the installation in action below:

Thought Bubbles Learning to Dance from Harvey & John on Vimeo.

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