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No Sense Of Scale Is Necessary In Morphological Film "New Nosthetics"

Eva Papamargariti's "New Nosthetics" takes the viewer on a surreal trip through what could be Dali's digitized psyche.
August 25, 2014, 7:00pm

New Nosthetics from eva.papamargariti on Vimeo.

When the digital realm meets the realm of possibility, quite literally anything can happen. Greek architect and artist Eva Papamargariti takes this underlying principle to new heights with her video, New Nosthetics, a commission for online exhibition space, Channel Normal. In it, virtual objects, each resembling familiar real-world items (bubbles, whiskey stones, etc.) surface and float within a seemingly endless pastel-colored landscape.


Explains Papamargariti, "Everything can fit to the never ending fragmented landscape as long as it is reflective, refractive and shiny. The most complex texture activates the perception of a twisted materiality in which the organic element is re-embedded to the artificial language while the overwhelming production of these objects creates an instant immersion to a new 'virtuality', composed from distorted abstract morphological schemes." Although she claims, "no sense of scale is necessary at this uncanny n-dimensional field," New Nosthetics exists within the kind of anything-goes parallel plane that makes us want to leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs just to find our way out.

Below, some of our favorite moments from New Nosthetics:

Visit Eva Papamargariti on Tumblr for more.


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