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Step Inside Grand Central's Iconic Clock With This Urban Explorer

Instagrammer @dark.cyanide takes a daring adventure behind the scenes of Grand Central Station's Tiffany clock.

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Urban explorers like Demid Lebedev and On The Roofs have made waves by showing the unseen sides of the world's metropolises. Instagrammer @dark.cyanide, a frequent contributor to the #urbex community, has opened a digital window behind the scenes of the iconic Tiffany clock of New York's Grand Central Station.

The self-described "urban junkie" told Animal New York, “I do what I do because I like to explore places I never thought I would get to see in person." Despite what looks like a quick brush with local police, dark.cyanide managed to fulfill his desires in this escapade, capturing an up close and personal lookout over the marble mezzanine of the famous train station, before heading outside to dangle his feet above a nearly deserted Park Avenue. It's hard to tell which view is more thrilling view: the clock itself, or the rare view of the city lights.


Check out his Grand Central snapshots below:

Visit @dark.cyanide's Instagram page for more top notch urban exploration, complete with anecdotes on how long he has to wait to get the shots he wants.

h/t Animal New York


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