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Milk and Oil Dance in ‘Memories of Painting’

Artist Thomas Blanchard mixes paint, milk, oil, and liquid soap into vibrantly colored moving artworks.
All images courtesy the artist

The French artist Thomas Blanchard has been experimenting with a dreamy combination of fluids and macrophotography since his experimental video The Color of Feelings. He returns with Memories of Paintings, an experimental video that finds Blanchard combining paint, oil, milk and liquid, setting them all in circular motion, and filming the results with a macro lens. The dense swirls of liquids create a range of colorful, moving abstractions, set against the equally dreamlike music of sound designer and beatmaker Bronix.


“I filmed the painting with a Canon 550D camera using a macro lens,” Blanchard tells The Creators Project. “I poured the milk and paint on a plate, and it's a drop of dishwashing liquid that animates the painting. The chemical reaction is funny and practical. The small planets are made ​​with paint mixed with rapeseed oil.”

At times Blanchard’s moving liquids recall the galactic visuals of German filmmaker and photographer Roman De Giuli’s STREAM and SINGULARITY. Other times they simply look like moving paintings; which, given the video’s title, seems to be Blanchard’s intent.

Memories of Paintings from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

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