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Immersive Installation Lulls Viewers into the Space Between Reality and Dreams

Through cascading visuals and dense fog installation 'lull' exists in a place between wakefulness and sleep.
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The 'state of transition' is what's conjured in the immersive installation lull, which was created for the Day for Night festival in Texas by artists and technologists Vincent Houzé, Stephen Baker, and David Bianciardi together as design agency AV&C.

The piece bathes both viewers and the room itself in a cascade of projected visuals. Geometric forms bob and stretch like jellyfish caught in ocean currents as abstract shapes are given organic movement. It took center stage in a 6,000-square-foot warehouse with its "waves of liquid light" projected onto translucent fabric walls shaped into a triangle, with fog adding to the sense of movement and altering states.


"Simple rules shape this ever-evolving animation, giving rise to organic abstracted patterns with complex behavior that teeter between order and chaos." note the group. "Immersed in layers of distant melodies that reverberate in sync with the surging fluid, as well as in a dense plume of fog that extends and blurs the light within, visitors dip in and out of the sculpture as if in a dream."

According to Reuters the fluid visuals are an imitation of what happens to the brain after general anesthesia and the installation was controlled by Houze from his smartphone.

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