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Enter the Bizarre, Mini-Music Video World of Animator Robert Ek

The Swedish artist and designer fuses trippy 3D animation with electronic music to make hypnotic looping videos.
April 21, 2016, 1:20pm

 Sunday powerwalk. Music: Markus Suckut - Hectic. . . #3dart #3d #animation #loop #seamlessloop #music #powerwalk #pink #plastic #art

A video posted by Robert Ek (@kreationsministern) on Apr 17, 2016 at 12:19am PDT

All videos courtesy the artist

A pink humanoid creature with every bodily appendage replaced with a pair of legs struts endlessly down a treadmill in the sky, as an airplane swerves and crashes into the mountains below. A snake-like creature made-up of a hundred identical blue heads crawls out of a lipstick container until it stares eerily out at the viewer with empty eyes and an emptier soul, while British electropop sensation Charli XCX blares in the background. Although these descriptions may sound like trippy sci-fi dreams (or nightmares), they're actually the works of Robert Ek, a gifted young artist and designer based in Sweden.


 Made a loop for @charli_xcx 's track "Secret (Shh)". . . #loop #animation #talenthouseartist #music #3d #3dart #c4d

A video posted by Robert Ek (@kreationsministern) on Apr 10, 2016 at 1:07pm PDT

Working primarily in short, visually stunning 3D animations often set to bass-thumping music, Ek’s work feels like a series of excerpts from a futuristic alternate dimension. Every piece assaults and overloads your senses, yet leaves you with a hypnotic desire to delve further into his feed in an effort to understand the inexplicable things you’ve just witnessed.

 Free Jesus and shave the… I mean save the gorillas, NOW! Music: Funky Shit, The Prodigy. . . #music #animation #art #gorillas #3d #3dart #jesus #c4d #loop #animation #design #musicvideo #christ

A video posted by Robert Ek (@kreationsministern) on Mar 9, 2016 at 10:57am PST

Despite the digital density of his works, his sources of inspiration are somewhat quotidian and less outlandish than you might expect: “I get a lot of my inspiration from music, which gives me interesting mental pictures that need to be visualized,” the Ek tells The Creators Project. “I also get inspiration from old, far-out religious paintings like Hieronymus Bosch, whose super-weird scenarios and events really satisfy me.”

 Perform YOGA together! Naked. Listening to "Original Don" by Major Lazer. . . #animation #c4d #3dart #3d #loop #seamlessloop #yoga #plastic #art #design #internet

A video posted by Robert Ek (@kreationsministern) on Feb 8, 2016 at 9:51am PST


Peering into Ek’s feed shows the literal journey and evolution of an artist finding his own voice. The artist’s older works are incredibly varied in style and approach, to the point where each one seems somewhat disconnected from those before and after it. Ek’s work from the past year, however, shows a much more tightened focus, with recurring subject matter and visual scenarios, and an emphasis on a blue and pink palette, which seem to have become the artist’s signature style: “I don’t want to bore myself or others, but I guess I need some of my work’s elements to stay the same or at least to evolve slower,” Ek tells The Creators Project. “The pink and blue colors in particular represent some kind of childlike nostalgic sense that widens my mind.”

 A little side project I'm working on. #vhs3d . Music and animation. To be continued… . . #3d #vhs #animation #3dart #music #80s

A video posted by Robert Ek (@kreationsministern) on Feb 16, 2016 at 9:24am PST

To view Ek’s oeuvre in its entirety, visit his website or Instagram feed, updated weekly with new works.

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