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A Doll for Syrian Child Omran Daqneesh | Insta of the Week

"Ever since I [saw] the image with the the little boy saved from the rubble in Aleppo, it has been haunting me."

A photo posted by Dan Cretu (@dan_cretu) on

Sep 21, 2016 at 5:53am PDT

In August, a heartbreaking image of an injured child sitting on an orange Aleppo ambulance chair became a symbol for the horrors of the ongoing conflict. President Obama revisited the child, who is named Omran Daqneesh, in a speech at the United Nations on Tuesday, quoting a young American boy who wrote a letter to the White House asking to adopt Daqneesh. For International Peace Day on Wednesday, Romanian artist Dan Cretu posted his own tribute to Daqneesh, a mannequin in the boy's image called Sufference Doll. He's offering to send his work to whomever donates the most to Save the Children, a charity devoted to sparing kids the worst of life as a refugee.


"Ever since I [saw] the image with the the little boy saved from the rubble in Aleppo, it has been haunting me. As every parent, I was shocked by the situation, asking myself what I would do if little Omran Daqneesh were my kid," Cretu writes on Instagram. Normally known for clever, sculptural food photography, in this post Cretu allows himself to be serious. "When I watched the video later that day, what impressed me was his quietude. At only 5 years of age, little Omran did not seem scared, did not scream, did not cry. He was staying still on that orange chair, like a living doll. But unlike the dolls our kids play with, he was covered in dust, and bleeding."

Visit the original post here for more information. Donate to Save the Children here.


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