Infinite GIF Landscapes Emerge in a Psychedelic Short Film

GIF artist hexeosis is creating a 33-minute animated psychedelic GIF video.
November 22, 2016, 5:40pm
GIFs courtesy the artist

Creating well beyond the easily digestible GIFs seen on Tumblr or Instagram, psychedelic GIF artist hexeosis is bringing to life a much larger animated vision of infinite patterns. Titled HX-01, the forthcoming video will be a 36-minute animated film in full color and in 1920x1080 high definition, replete with hexeosis’ varied geometric forms, patterns, mandalas and psychedelic landscapes.

Hexeosis tells The Creators Project that he has been working on HX-01 for over a year in Cinema 4D and After Effects, and envisions it as a non-narrative video that people can put on for parties, during meditation, or otherwise chilling out.

“I am expanding the basic concept behind my GIFs,” hexeosis says. “When I first imagined the video, I thought about something that you could watch and kind of space out to. That might sound a bit crazy, most people wouldn't want you to drift off while watching something they made, but I find that if you stare at the patterns for awhile, you can go into like a trance or meditative state.”

“I've heard from a lot of people that they use some of my GIFs to relax or chill out,” he adds. “I thought that the video could be a much expanded version of that idea. It's also a bit like a psychedelic journey. It's not meant to represent anything very specific, but more to invoke that feeling.”

There is still some work to do before the final cut, including a score and sound design. And to help raise funds for Blu-ray and DVD releases, hexeosis recently launched a Kickstarter campaign.

“Colorful calm moments, energetic dynamic sequences and thought-provoking, mind bending constructions [will be] woven together into an overall seamless rhythm and flow,” says hexeosis on Kickstarter. “I am [also]creating all of the music and sound effects for the video as well, so that I can time the visuals and audio perfectly. Some sections will be mellow and slower, while others will have a faster pace to mix it up.”

Hexeosis is aiming to deliver physical copies of HX-01 worldwide by February 17th. Click here to donate to the project, and here to see more of hexeosis’s work.


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