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The Best Museums of the World In a Blink of an Eye

Check out this visual, animated reminder that museums are works of art themselves.
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Not many things are as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, but a few institutions that can claim both are the Tate, Guggenheim, and Pompidou. Yes, these are, admittedly, museums, but these institutions are innately stunning creations that harbor dozens of galleries, which themselves harbor more stunning creations. The all-star list of museums, dubbed “super,” in this video, are a global trip around the world from Brazil to Great Britain. In the short, a rapid-fire account of each museum’s iconic shape and date of completion offers the briefest of art-venue histories, like moving through a “best-of” round-up during a commercial break from your documentary on Picasso.


The “super museums” are rendered in three-dimensional animation by a Portuguese filmmaker who goes by briktop. Briktop designs the low-poly video so that each structure assembles itself in the fashion of a sped-up timelapse and adding in bright colors, paparazzi camera flashes, and a busy, whirring soundtrack.

To check out more videos and designs by briktop, visit his Vimeo page, here.


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