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Frozen Food Photos Tantalize the Senses with Unexpected Forms

Wrap your mind around spherical lasagna and an undulating slice of pizza.

Concept, food styling, and photography by Mathery 2016, New York. All images courtesy the artist

The contents of the freezer aisle breaks free and take new shape in a series of digital images reinventing flash-frozen meals into oddball forms. A burger reshaped into a bulky, flat-faced pyramid gleams with sesame seeds, while a brioche loaf breaks out of the icebox in the hyperrealistic photography by creative firm, Mathery Stud. Made up of designers Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli, the duo suspends food in mid-air and experiments with their proportions. Comical visuals of a quinoa and bulgur salad bending itself into a freestanding arch, as well as a packet of 99¢ ramen doing its best biscotti impression provoke a natural wonder from the viewer. The visuals give a new arguement for playing with your food.


This latest photo series, titled, Al freddo or “In the cold” boasts Mathery’s signature appreciation for a bit of whimsy paired with slick, market-ready design. The freezer, and its ability to transform food into freshly warped variations serves as more than inspiration is the artists tool for composition. The partners share with The Creators Project how they achieved some of the inconceivable food shapes, “In this photographic work we portray food in compositions and shapes we would be unable to achieve without the use of a freezer, we have squashed a burger in a triangular mould and froze a slice of pizza with glue pens on and underneath it.”

See more of the images as well as visuals from Al freddo's development process below:

Find more information and unconventional design from Mathery Studio on their website, here, and their Behance page, here.


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