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Hear a Preview of the Drake and J-Lo Collab We All Knew Was Coming

It's happening.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

The artist formerly known as Drake (now 'Draque' according to the meme that keeps on giving) is a fascinating beast. A knowingly corny, messy bitch who lives for drama, he perpetually uses Instagram in the manner of a twenty-three year old woman who's showing out because she just got dumped, and yet. And yet. Somehow, Drake routinely attracts the world's most beautiful and talented women. He has dated the likes of Serena Williams and, famously, Rihanna, but the latest extremely successful lady to succumb to his wiles is J-Lo. But you already know this. You've seen the Instagram of them cuddling. You've inadvertently screamed "GET OFF HER" at your phone like it's a particularly emotional episode of Eastenders. Their celebrity couple name, Dra-Lo, flashed before your eyes sounding like a rejected monster from the Harry Potter franchise, and you wept.


What you might not know (but probably expected) is that according to a number of videos from J-Lo's Winter Wonderland Prom event in Hollywood Thursday night, the pair have collaborated on at least one new song together. From what we have gathered, one of them basically sounds like a Latin disco version of Drake's most recent Rihanna collab, "Too Good", which throws up a whole minefield of issues: are they actually a couple or is thisthat Taylor Swift Instagram all over again? What's with this new promo strategy where Drake implies he's dating everyone? What of Rihanna and J-Lo's friendship?

While answers to these questions unfold, please preview the track below (and brace yourself for images of Drake and Jennifer actual Lopez snogging):

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(Image via Drake on Instagram)