GoldLink, Shy Glizzy, and Brent Faiyaz Join for Silky Track "Crew"

The three come together to check gold diggers.
December 16, 2016, 3:25pm

GoldLink released his And After That, We Didn't Talk album in late 2015 and released a few loose tracks this year. To get himself fresh in our minds as we head into 2017, the DMV rapper just released "Crew" with DC's Shy Glizzy and singer Brent Faiyaz. The track opens with production mirroring Shy Glizzy's "White Girl" from 2014 and transitions into GoldLink's signature revved up take on 90s R&B.

On the hook, Faiyaz sings, "She see money all around me. I look like I'm the man/But I was down and out like last week, tell me where have you been/You came out of hiding girl, don't act like I'm your man/You just a fan," as Glizzy and GoldLink trade verses. Listen to "Crew" below.

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