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Watch Iggy Pop Tell Thurston Moore Stooges Stories and Jam Some Chuck Berry in New Short Film

Rough Trade's ‘I’ve Nothing But My Name’ was shot at Iggy's house in Miami.

Iggy Pop released his seventeenth studio album, Post Pop Depression, earlier this year. Written with and produced by Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, it turned out to be Iggy's most intriguing and exciting album in decades, a distillation of everything that makes the man a captivating presence, stripped of all fat, sung through tar. Legendary British indie label Rough Trade liked it so much, in fact, that they named it as their Album of the Year for 2016.


To celebrate all of this, Iggy apparently got in touch with Rough Trade to invite them to his home in Miami; Rough Trade, in turn, invited Thurston Moore to come hang out. The result is I've Nothing But My Name, a 20-minute film that features Iggy (who does not appear to have aged in the past 20 years) speaking to Moore about the inspiration for "Gardenia" (Allen Ginsberg is involved), the Stooges' early days, and the making of Post Pop Depression. Eventually, the two just end up jamming Chuck Berry's "Johnny Be Good" which, despite being utterly inevitable, is perfect. Watch it all below.

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