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Sallow Welcome Winter with Their Starkly Lovely New Album, 'The Great Work'

Stream the atmospheric USBM upstarts' debut for German label SickManGettingSick.

 According to their press materials, Sallow hail from the pine brush of the Appalachian Valley in upstate New York, which sounds like a lonesome place—though undoubtedly one imbued with the kind of imposing natural beauty that tends to jib so well with this particular musical style. Atmospheric, melodic American black metal bands are a dime a dozen these days, but something about the way Sallow approaches the form caught my ear, and I've had a devil of a time turning off their latest album.


The Great Work is the first part of a planned trilogy from the camera-shy trio, and will be released by German label SickManGettingSick this week. As the temperatures continue to plummet and the days get grayer, I'm perennially drawn to music like this—cold, introspective, harsh but still strangely lovely. Sallow certainly fits the bill, and then some.

Stream the album in its entirety below, and cop the record from SickManGettingSick.

Kim Kelly is sallow and winter pale on Twitter.