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Police Arrest Verboten's Owner for Allegedly Writing Over $30,000 Worth of Bad Checks

Jen Schiffer was taken into custody in Brooklyn this afternoon.
Image courtesy of Verboten

Police arrested the owner of the Williamsburg club Verboten today for allegedly writing bad checks that totaled over $30,000.

Jen Schiffer was arrested on Thursday afternoon for writing five checks that amounted to $31,000 despite not having sufficient funds to pay them, police confirmed to THUMP. Schiffer is currently in custody and is expected to be released from the 94th precinct in Brooklyn, police said.

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Schiffer's arrest follows ongoing financial troubles at the Brooklyn spot. On March 30, state tax officials seized the club for nonpayment of $360,378 worth of taxes. Two days later, Schiffer filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy that allowed her to reopen the club as she and her husband John Perez, who also owns Verboten, figure out a plan to restructure its finances.

In January, THUMP broke the news that Verboten's investors accused the club's management of financial mismanagement and fraud.

David Garber contributed reporting