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For $300 You Can Buy a Gadget That Uses Plants to Control Synthesizers

MIDI Sprout connects plants and synthesizers via, you guessed it, MIDI signals.
Photo courtesy of Data Garden

The biofeedback music label, Data Garden, recently ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for state-of-the-art devices that allow you to MIDI connect your houseplants and synthesizers. Having nearly sold out of their first run, a rare public sale of the last of these machines will be made available.

"We've been getting a lot of emails asking when we will make another run of MIDI Sprout [devices]," writes Data Garden on their Kickstarter update page. "We currently have [a few] MIDI Sprouts left from our first run of production, [and] we plan on making these available to the public on Sunday, May 22 at noon EST. " The MIDI Sprouts are $300 each.

According to the description, each MIDI Sprout comes with "two probes that can be used to measure small electrical currents across the surface of human skin or a plant's leaf. When applied to a human this is called galvanic skin response (GSR). GSR readings provide insight into humans' inner emotional states and are the basis of simple lie detector circuits. Our technology converts these fluctuations into note and control messages that can be read by synthesizers and computers to generate music and even video."

You can sign up to purchase a MIDI Sprout here.