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Darius Gives Sébastien Tellier's New Album Track a French Kiss

A French legend and budding new star meet in the middle for a blissful remix.

Sébastian Tellier is one of French electronic music's most acclaimed acts. From his electronica work of the early 2000s touring alongside Air, to producing his third album alongside Guy-Man of Daft Punk, he reps his nation proud through a cosmic blend of wacky multi-lingual vocals and instrumentation tracing the roads from classic French touch to hypnotic lullabies sang in Brazilian Portuguese.

His latest album, L'Aventura, encapsulates the latter mention of his style, being influenced by and musically-themed around his time living in Brazil as a youth. One of the album enticing numbers, "Comment Revoir Oursient? (Translation: How Can I See My Teddy Bear Again), was expanded not only into a beautiful Super8-style music video, but also a full remix EP featuring Matias Aguayo and Cesare. Also included is young French house star, Darius, whose lent his lovable, slow-burning house style to Tellier's track, linking the work of one of France's veteran electronic artists to that of an emerging young star. The result is pure French-on-French house music bliss.

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