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Holly Herndon, Dan Deacon, Gunnar Haslam and More Musicians Mourn the Death of Pauline Oliveros

Musicians from across the globe offered their memories and reflections on Pauline Oliveros.
November 26, 2016, 5:05pm
Photo of Pauline Oliveros by Kate Killet.

Experimental composer, accordionist and musician Pauline Oliveros died this week. Many in the music world cited Oliveros as an inspirational icon for her artistry and approach to listening to music. As news of Oliveros' passing spread, musicians and organizations from across the globe–including Scanner, The Black Madonna, and Steve Hauschildt–shared their condolences and reflections on her life.


Sweet sonic dreams Pauline Oliveros - an inspirational woman who will be sorely missed yet never forgotten! I'll miss you ?

— Scanner (@robinrimbaud)November 25, 2016


The Bug:

Rest in peace Pauline Oliveros. A pioneering heroine : — The Bug(official) (@thebugzoo)November 26, 2016

Dan Deacon:

❤️enjoy the cosmos Pauline Oliveros — DAN DEACON (@ebaynetflix)November 25, 2016

Holly Herndon:

RIP the pioneer Pauline Oliveros

— Holly Herndon (@hollyherndon)November 26, 2016

Laurie Spiegel:

RIP wonderful amazing Pauline Oliveros. We will miss you tremendously! — Laurie Spiegel (@LaurieSpiegel)November 26, 2016

Pauline Oliveros — Laurie Spiegel (@LaurieSpiegel)November 26, 2016

The Black Madonna:

Pauline Oliveros.

— The Black Madonna (@blackmadonnachi)November 25, 2016

Steve Hauschildt:

My favorite Oliveros quote: 'Listen to a sound until you no longer recognize it.' Forever etched in Emeralds dead wax

— Steve Hauschildt (@stevehauschildt)November 26, 2016

She was a trailblazer for women composers and so very important re: equality within the musical patriarchy

— Steve Hauschildt (@stevehauschildt)November 26, 2016

Ben UFO:

sad to hear about oliveros passing she made experimental music feel so approachable and necessary, opened a lot of doors for people RIP

— Ben UFO (@BenUFO)November 26, 2016

Gunnar Haslam:

RIP pauline. such a towering figure of modern music, innovating right till the end. she is very much missed — gunnar haslam (@gunnarhaslam)November 26, 2016

Danny L. Harle:

RIP Pauline Oliveros

— Danny L Harle (@DannylHarle)November 26, 2016

Rafael Anton Irisarri:

2016: the year that constantly broke our hearts. RIP Pauline Oliveros. :( :(

— SAD MAN (@blackknoll)November 25, 2016

Red Bull Music Academy:

RIP Pauline Oliveros ? — RedBullMusicAcademy (@RBMA)November 25, 2016


2016, the year we lost our heroes. RIP — Moog Synthesizers (@moogmusicinc)November 26, 2016