Welcome to the Future of Canadian Clubbing


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Welcome to the Future of Canadian Clubbing

Canadians won't be left out in the cold when looking for a next generation club experience.

Despite what you and 30 million other Canadians currently freezing to death might think, there will be a summer in the Great White North. There will soon be hot weather complete with bikinis, bellinis, and beach parties.

Following in the footsteps of its warmer brother in the south, Canada is poised to see the rise of several dynamic new venues catered towards the bottle service/cabana crowds of Miami and Las Vegas.


In Montreal, two under 30 brothers from the small town of Sainte-Martine have purchased Beach Club (BC), the popular outdoor party venue that plays host to day events and some of the world's biggest DJs. BC currently features two beaches, a pair of large patios, a pool, and a wide variety of beach sports and activities. Olivier, 29, and Julien, 25, were inspired by a trip to Miami's Ultra Music Festival and decided to bring the experience to French Canadians. Together with Beach Club's original founder Pierre Touchette, the brothers have invested nearly $1.5 million to renovate the beach and the amenities. Fans can expect to see a beefed up capacity, real palm trees, and a renovated wading pool and volleyball court. The new and improved Beach Club is set to open on May 17.

On the west coast, Las Vegas based Drai's Beachclub and Nightclub is making the trek to Vancouver to partner with the Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver to become the new nightclub and dayclub for Trump Vancouver, which is projected to be finished in 2016. Although Drai's Vancouver location is expected to be much smaller than the spot in Nevada (about 5,500 square feet compared to 50,000 square feet at Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino), it certainly won't skimp on the luxury. In a recent press release, the $360 million Trump Vancouver revealed that the hotel will feature 15,000 square feet of meeting/even space, 217 luxury residences, and 147 guest rooms. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" may be a popular slogan and advertising campaign, but it's clear that it isn't the new business model.


Drai's Beachclub in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of The Holborn Group of Companies.

"What we'll bring to the city is completely unique," Victor Drai, the club's owner and founder, told Burnaby Newsleader last month. "It's the right market for a beautiful place…it's fun and sexy. I think Vancouver people are classy, beautiful, and they have money here. Vancouver is a beautiful city and as a west coast city of Canada, it's really the most interesting. All the elements are here for us to do it, and we are in the most amazing building in Vancouver. The project is very unique and we were very fortunate [to be involved]."

Last but certainly not least is Toronto. The city already has its own waterfront pool party spot in Cabana Pool Bar, but is sorely lacking in the "super club" department since the demise of world famous The Guvernment Entertainment Complex, which recently closed its doors after 18 years. Then came word that INK Entertainment, the nightlife company behind the aforementioned Cabana Pool Bar, The Guvernment, as well as Sound Academy and VELD Music Festival, has plans to build a successor club.

"We bought Sound Academy knowing the Guv was going to close," Charles told THUMP. "This isn't going to be paint and a new bar, this is going to be a five, six million dollar renovation. Sound Academy is going to be, in my mind, the next generation of clubbing. That means everything - the layout, the sound and lighting, technology and the overall comfort. I recently had a big meeting [about the comfort,] making sure that there's enough washrooms, enough air conditioning, and enough ventilation. But for the sound and lighting, we're going to go all out - making sure it's spectacular."

Suffice it to say, it looks like Canadians won't be left out in the cold when looking for a next generation club experience.

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