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Avalon Emerson and Bwana Drop Fourth Collection of Remixes in "Cybernedits" Series

The collection features remixes of artists such as Bjork and Junior Boys.
Photo via Avalon Emerson Twitter.

Berlin-based producer Avalon Emerson has dropped the fourth edition of her Cybernedits series with producer Bwana. This latest collection features heady and unusual remixes and edits of tracks from performers such as Bjork and Junior Boys.

"Cyberedits four" tracklist:
1. Asha Bhosle - "Jab Chaye Mera Jadu" (Bwana's Thank U Mr. Ansari Remaster)
2. Carlos Peron - "Der Komtur" (Bwana's End Of Dayz Remix)
3. Maria Rita Stumpf - "A Cidade" (Bwana's Rio 2016 Edit)
4. Björk - "I Miss You" (Avalon Emerson's Coup De Foudre Rebrush)
5. Streetwalker - "Future Fusion" (Avalon Emerson Card Ruling)
6. Junior Boys - "Love Is A Fire" (Avalon Emerson Resmolder)

Preview the latest edition of the series and download the collection here. In 2015, Avalon Emerson told us about her 21st birthday party.