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White Isle Journals: Solomun's Best Week Ever with Dixon, Âme, and Paul Kalkbrenner

Dixon, Âme, Paul Kalkbrenner in the melted pot of Ibiza.

Welcome to my White Isle Journals, where you'll get an inside look at my life in Ibiza during my Solomun +1 residency this summer at Pacha.

Every week, I'll bring you deep inside Ibiza life, up-close and personal and behind the scenes. Then, I'll pick my own +1 from the island to show you the beating heart of the White Isle––The people.

I'll also pick the track that took over the airwaves for me that week and share it with you guys. There's so much going on, and on this party Island, you tend to forget fast. That's why I wanted to write it all down, so I can remember it all and share with you.


Oh man, what a week. There were so many highlights. First, we threw a big, free and outdoor party at the old Port of Ibiza. This was truly amazing. I started to play at 8pm with zero people in front of me, and ended up at midnight with a madly packed port, with thousands of people. This was overwhelming!

Last Sunday at Pacha, I got a visit from Dixon, a DJ that I know and have really liked for more than ten years. And he just smashed it again. It's always a big pleasure for me to play b2b with him, because he always surprises me in good ways.

But what can be better than playing together with Dixon? Playing together an after-party with Dixon and Âme at the infamous Kave. Âme's Kristian took a flight from Amsterdam to join us at the after-party. What a great idea from him! He landed in Ibiza at like 9 in the morning and when he arrived, all three of us played together for the whole day. And this was fun, oh my God!

And the last highlight of the week was Thursday, when my new residency Solomun+live had its opening at the outdoor venue Destino Ibiza.

My +live guest was the one and only Paul Kalkbrenner, who played his only Ibiza show this year -- and this evening was one for the books. Thousands of smiling faces under the moon and the stars, I don't think it can be any better. Like I said at the start: what a week!

Introducing Dylan:

Dylan is a true Ibiza child. His parents came here in the 1980s. His mother was Welsh and was the 2nd Miss Universe in 1976. His father was Chileno and came to Ibiza in the 90s, and from what I heard, he was a true Casanova.

His parents met at Ku, which now is Privilege. Ku used the be the place to be in the 80s, where Bob Marley celebrated his birthday and any crazy kind of party, hedonism and excess happened.


Dylan once told me an amazing story about his mother. She didn't go out a lot, and even when she did it only for two or three hours, and she'd take her dog with her. The dog was sitting and waiting, well-behaved, next to the doorman security until she left the club that night, and then they both walked home together. An amazing picture.

Dylan is a real nice person to have around you, always smiling and he knows hundreds of really interesting Ibiza stories.

What's your name?
Dylan Blue Adey-Jones

Where do you come from?

3. Why Ibiza?
Being Welsh-Chileno going to a French school in a Spanish country with an Italian stepfather and a sister adopted from the Dominican Republic it's the only place to live actually.

4. Why a Solomun party
I generally think it's the party where most people are there because of the music. And it is the perfect space to hear to this sound because Pacha is like a little weird maze where you can find little corners to dance and the sound is amazing and loud everywhere.

5. What will you do after finishing this interview?
I need to bring a box of tools to the guys who got kicked out twice last Monday from DC10. Pretty solid.

Dylan on Partying with Solomun

The first Solomun Kave party of the year turned out to be quite interesting.

Describing the Kave, maybe one of the most infamous afterparty spots. You have to be invited and it's not so easy to find, which is good, but some of the best people never make it there


Some legendary stories happened in this Kave, which is: a real cave. The sound is amazing, and when three guys like Solomun, Dixon and Âme play there a whole day together it can't be any better in Ibiza.

I wish I could tell now a story what I experienced there with Solomun, but honestly: he DJed the whole day and we didn't really talk, just smiling and dancing, which can be sometimes even better then talking I think.

Btw: Did I mention that there is a three meter high Alien Predator outside?

Solomuns Ibiza Track of the Week: