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Ableton Made Interesting Tweaks to the Latest Version of Live

Watch a video of Mad Zach just destroying Push with the new Ableton.

Ableton just launched a Live update that seems more like the tweaking and trimming of the software's older version than a fully-fledged update. Along with the correction of some minor flaws, including issues that mainly affected people who used controllers, Ableton also came up with some improvements on the software's basic functions.

The biggest change is related to timing. Ableton has implemented a mechanism that detects track markings, while improving its automatic mode Auto-Warp and off-beat recognition. According to the manufacturer, the system will be more precise on tracks with fixed tempos.


Ableton has also reduced the latency between the program and plugins or controllers-a tweak that is especially interesting for those using the software during live sets. The update also adds some new features to Ableton's Push controller, which now includes a 64-pad drum mode. A built-in tuner wraps it all up with a nice bow.

In this vídeo you can see Mad Zach just destroying Push with the new Ableton

All these features can be tested on a beta version available on Ableton's website. Tell us what you think after testing it, send us a track, or just holler.

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This article originally appeared on THUMP Brazil and was translated by Thiago "Índio" Silva