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Ben Klock's Berghain Banana Is For Sale

Given to a fan during Klock's NYE set

Do you like Ben Klock? Like, really like Ben Klock? So much that you would purchase a banana that was once in his fruit bowl?

Well, now you can.

For sale on eBay is the banana Ben Klock was given to consume during his marathon 12-hour NYE closing set at Berghain. Apparently, he gave it to a fan instead: "He handed it to me…I kissed his hand…he kissed mine, and the Banana bonded the moment. He explained that he'd eaten some before and that they were delicious; I believe him, his silent banana looks yummy! I am leaving town soon and cannot take care of this precious diamond, so I decided to sell it here. Hope it finds a good home."

It's in great condition, though not mint, which might make the 50 Euro price a bit steep, especially as it still has time to brown in the 5 days left in the auction. Better hurry, folks!