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Jamie Jones Gets All Fancy with Kate Simko in Orchestral Collab

The Hot Creations headliner tries that whole symphony thing with a worthy production partner.

There comes a time in every DJ-producer's life when he will find himself working with classical musicians . For Hot Creations head Jamie Jones, that moment has come in the form of the second release on his new Emerald City imprint, "One Time Game," which he recorded with classically-trained pianist and tech-house virtuoso Kate Simko.

The track was cut with the London Electronic Orchestra, a hybrid electronic and classical group—including harp, violins, cellos, and upright bass—that Simko put together in 2014. Simko is one of the rare polymath producers in dance music, whose own affiliations (Ghostly International, Get Physical, Hello?Repeat, Leftroom, and No. 19) are as impressive as the diplomas on her wall. One could hardly think of a better partner for Jones, best known as the iconoclastic DJ and promoter behind the Paradise parties at DC10 in Ibiza, as well as partner of party animal Lee Foss in Hot Creations and their house music band, Hot Natured.

The song also features vocals by London newcomer Jem Cooke. The video for "One Time Game" features a single shot performance of an interpretive dance piece, choreographed by Los Angeles-based dancer Ania Catherine and performed by Hillary Tang. It is notable, quite honestly, for it's simplicity and tastefulness in the current over-the-top and almost-topless electronic music climate.