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Peace in Noise is Bringing Club Vibes Beachside in Los Angeles

A house party on Venice Beach just might be your new favorite pop-up nightclub. Find out how to get invited.
July 22, 2015, 3:45pm
All Photos by Galen Oakes

People often lament about Los Angeles' limited clubbing options for house and techno heads. The upswing of this is that the city's denizens of dance are always finding creative new places and ways to get their groove on.

One such example is Peace in Noise, a day-to-night house party on the Venice boardwalk that, thanks to limited invitations and tightly curated DJ sets, has quickly been attracting all the right kinds of attention (and maybe a little of the wrong kind from the cops).

It's not everyday that you walk into Jim Morrison's rumored one time Venice Beach dwelling, but wander to the right beachfront craftsman home on the right Saturday afternoon and you'll be blessed by a selection of tracks from the likes of Desert Hearts OG Deep Jesus while the sun is shining, skin is showing, and the Venice boardwalk bustles with life in all of its strangest forms.

With free-flowing alcohol, an enviable girl-guy ratio, and the feel-good of knowing that ticket proceeds would go to a charity that provides clean water to underprivileged countries (Waves For Water), Venice's corner house had an uplifting vibe.

As day turned to night, the speed and intensity of the party naturally began to pick up, as did the sounds of Deep Jesus.

Prior guest DJs included Sabo, Goldcap, and Andy Caldwell, while residents Dersu and Kenny Parmelee warm up affairs.

The August 15th edition will feature DJ Heidi, and the season closer in September will be a lesson in local heroes.

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