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​AWE Went from EDC Raver to Artist with the Help of His Homies

Perhaps LA's Zack Urman should change his name from "AWE" to "Aww."
Photo by Skyler Greene for Insomniac Events

In this festival boom that has come to define modern youth culture, our favorite events become more than just a weekend of wiling out. They've become aspirational, educational, and offer an eye to the bigger picture. Hitting the same spots year after year isn't simply about seeing your favorite artists, but watching them grow, and even catching kids who once stood beside you make their way onto the biggest bills and stages across the world.


AWE, known to his friends as Zack Urman, is one of those lucky nobodies achieving the dream. Just a 21-year old Los Angeles native, he's quickly shaped one of the more unique and identifiable sounds in bass music and gained support from the likes of Djemba Djemba, Skrillex, and Alison Wonderland amongst countless others in the process.

Even more importantly perhaps, his own fan experience just came full circle last Saturday when he performed for thousands on the Stage 7 at EDC Las Vegas.

This whole journey all started with a last minute phone call in 2010, when his best friend Max invited him to EDC Los Angeles as a spur of the moment gift. Underage and unprepared, Zack was awed by the galactic carnival just outside of Las Vegas.

In particular, Zack was taken by the stages and the sounds, and he witnessed how a single person can orchestrate a musically transcendent experience for thousands at a time…as he says, "that's what got me hooked."

Zack on the left, Max on the right at EDC Las Vegas 2015

That moment ignited a dream. Zack's goal has always been to expand people's perceptions of what music can be and to the find the boundaries of traditional dance music to push them beyond their limits.

Max's decision to invite his best friend to EDC changed Zack's life, and inspired him to create, to take a plunge into production, to achieve what he has already and no doubt will continue to do, so naturally it's only fair he return the favor.

Fast-forward 6 years and plenty of blood, sweat and EQ'ing -- Zack's offer to play EDC Las Vegas finally came through. His first priority was bringing Max with him. Zack plied the wristband onto Max's arm, near forcing his friend to take off of work and experience the festival together again, but this time from the other side.

It's been no small feat getting to AWE's position, but the fact that he's here proves that it is most definitely possible, really, for anyone. All you need is a work ethic, the right people around you and most importantly-- to never forget your friends along the way.

This simple formula is what has made AWE successful so far and it's what will bring any "headliner" currently attending EDC to back as a true headliner onstage, and who knows, before long it may be Zack up there, and you may be the next kid ready to make the jump from the crowd to the decks. Just remember we were the ones who told you it was possible when you make it.

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