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Amtrac gives us an exclusive 30 minute dance party and a new remix.

Each week, we present a set that pushes the boundaries of its style, and the only prerequisites are impeccable taste and skill. This week: Amtrac.

Louisville, Kentucky's Caleb Cornett, otherwise known as Amtrac, gives us a 30 minute exclusive mix of some of his favorite tunes including an a original track and a remix of his own. The restless producer is known for his mixture of pop music and obscure dance tracks, creating the perfect dancefloor cocktail. Listen to the mix and then check out his new remix of Wretch 32 feat Shakka- "Blackout".


01. Evil Nine - Roar
02. Fare Soldi - Frum Frum
03. George Fitzgerald - Shackled
04. Kry Wolf - Together
05. Rektchordz - Live Your Life
06. Amtrac - Those Days
07. Benson & Mike Metro - In The Ghetto (Motez Remix)
08. Marlon Hoffstadt & DanssonShake - Shake That (Jesse Rose Re-Fix)
09. Wretch 32 feat. Shakka - Blackout (Amtrac Remix)
10. Justin Jay - The Dip (Prince Club "Dip It Good" Re-Work)
11. Alex Metric - Ilium ft. Mark Yardley
12. Zombie Disco Squad - Late Night London Loefer
13. Nhan Solo - Easy feat. FML (Bright Bright Machines Remix)