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Someone Dressed up as Marshmello and Played a Set at an Established Singapore Club

There are pros and cons to being an anonymous producer.
Photo courtesy of Circle Talent Agency

American producer Marshmello is staunchly committed to maintaining an anonymous identity, although he did troll people into thinking he was Tiësto for a hot second back in June. While we imagine that the persona is good for cultivating mystique, it can also lead to practical mix-ups—for instance, what happens if somebody else says they're you, and you're not there to discredit them?

There was one such fiasco Saturday night at Singapore's Zouk club, which has since inspired a round of accusations, explanations, and unanswered questions online. It all started yesterday, when Zouk resident DJ Jade Rasif posted to Facebook claiming that Zouk allowed a fake Marshmello to DJ, further facilitating the hoax by letting a guest performer imply that Marshmello would be at the club. Rasif accompanied the post with a number of screenshotted photographs on social media that fans took with the imposter.


The real Marshmello then tweeted a screenshot of the post, expressing some understandable annoyance toward the club and appreciation to Rasif for her testimony about the situation.

Super wack that you guys hired an imposter to perform as marshmello — marshmello (@marshmellomusic)September 13, 2016

Last night, Zouk officially responded to the conflict by posting to Facebook with clarification that they did not hire a fake Marshmello to DJ or be a mascot, and that they had no intention of misleading anyone. In other words, whoever this fake Marshmello guy was, Zouk says he acted of his own accord.

We would suggest to Marshmello that he develop a costume that was a little harder to imitate, but even Daft Punk's high tech gear has inspired imitations that are nearly impossible to distinguish from the original.

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