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Chino Amobi Is Giving Away His Newest EP

Will also accept donations

Chino Amobi wants to give you his latest EP, but if you're feeling charitable, he'll take a donation. The artist, musician, and NON collective veteran, has teamed up with UNO Records — Mykki Blanco, Fatima al Qadiri — to release Anya's Garden, a collection of eight dark, smeary R&B tracks that seem to teeter like a forlorn lover after a long, boozy night. Stand-out track "NEW YORK WILL NOT SAVE YOU" has the Richmond-based Amobi cursing the city through a warbly vocodor before abruptly slapping on Frank Sinatra's iconic tune "New York, New York."


This is Amobi's first release with UNO who have set up a page where you can freely download Anya's Garden with a single click. Underneath the download link is the page's only other content: a donation link. Listen to "NEW YORK WILL NOT SAVE YOU BELOW" and find out what its worth to you.