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Imprints: Intec Digital

Carl Cox and Jon Rundell revised a legendary label for the digital age.

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After a four-year hiatus, Intec, the imprint headed by the legendary Carl Cox, took the inevitable leap into the digital sphere. In 2011, the project he had once shared with DJ C1 was reborn as Intec Digital. The new Internet-friendly version of the label eventually became the home to renowned techno and house artists such as Nicole Moudaber, Mark Maitland, and Carlo Lio. Now run in collaboration with Jon Rundell, the new co-chair spoke with THUMP about the celebrated 16-year-old label's past, present, and ever so bright future.


Name: Intec Digital
Vibe: Techno & Tech House
Founded: 1999
Location: London
Upcoming releases: Pirupa – Ray Of Light EP, Fabio Neural – Dillinger EP, Copy Paste Soul – CTRL EP
Artists-to-watch: Carlo Lio, Harvey McKay, Nicole Moudaber, Tomy DeClerque, DJ Jock, Ramiro Lopez

THUMP: What's the deal?
Jon Rundell: We release all kinds of techno music, letting each artist just express themselves in their own way.

Is there any particular reason behind the name?
Intec is an abbreviation of International Techno.

Why did you decide to form your own label?
Carl Cox and C1 originally formed it. The label took a break for a few years and then reformed five years ago after receiving a track called "Tackleface" by Adam Sheridan & Mark Maitland. It had Intec written all over it, so we went with it.

How would you describe your sound?
It 's varied — each artist is doing their own thing. It's across the board of techno and tech house genres.

Tell us about the scene in your hometown?
London is thriving for music generally; we have clubs like fabric here that really push techno, as well as tons of warehouse parties. Every DJ within our scene comes and plays here in the city regularly. It's very inspiring.

What makes your label different?
We don't have one sound, each release is unique. You can't put Intec in a labelled box. We just do what we feel we can get behind. We have pushed forward more new artists into the scene over the years than most.

Which release would you recommend to introduce a new listener to your label?
Head to the classics first like Renato Cohen "Pontape" and Bryan Zentz "DClash." Then check out more recent tracks such as Jon Rundell "Knick Knack," Harvey McKay "Something Good," Carlo Lio "Escobar Season" or Nicole Moudaber "One Day Later."

What's the next release on the label? How far ahead do you plan your releases?
We just had the Magnet EP out from Stephan Hintz & Philipp Ruhmahrdt, and the Motorcity EP from Mars Bill. Next is Pirupa, "Ray Of Light." We can plan quite in advance at times, but it varies depending on how often we decide to release.

Intec Digital is on Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud