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Rustie Drops Second Track in Three Days, Low-Key Announces New Album

New cut "Peace Upzzz" is taken from the forthcoming record, 'EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE.'

Rustie is on a mission right now. Within the last three days he has dropped two brand new tracks and now, it seems, he has low-key announced a brand new album, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE.

Two days ago he dropped the sizeable, dolphin-featuring heater "First Mythz." It's one of the strongest, and most "Rustie", Rustie tracks we think he's ever produced. With its bizarre sound effects and frantic happy hardcore production, the track is a jacked-up firework display above a cosmic aquarium—and you can quote us on that. Hear "First Mythz" below.


Well happily, the new music continues today with the arrival of "Peace Upzzz," which just landed on Soundcloud. This second offering is just as trippy, if a little more subdued than the first. Scattered weirdo vocal samples skim over washed-out synths and rattling claps before, eventually, a punchy, tweaked beat drops into the mix. Get your ears round it right here.

And as if that wasn't all enough, the share of "Peace Upzzz" also comes with the news that "EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE OUT TOMOROW." This low-key announcement means the producer will most likely be dropping his third studio album at some point tomorrow.

Keep an eye on THUMP for updates.

Rustie is on Twitter and Soundcloud.