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We Asked DJs at The BPM Festival About Their Pre-Show Rituals—And They All Said The Same Thing

Here's what TiNI, Kidnap Kid, Lee Curtiss and more need to do before playing a set.

Last month, THUMP went down to The BPM Festival—a 10-day marathon of house and techno in the resort town of Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. There, we asked some of our favorite acts to reveal what rituals they like to do before playing their sets—you know, things that help them get over the jitters, or play hours-long sets without falling over from exhaustion.

Some DJs, like TiNI, Mr. C, Lee Curtiss, and David Scuba, got a little New Age-y with their needs, citing incense, meditation, and "positive energy circles" as their sources of comfort. Others like Kidnap Kid were more practical, naming "shitloads" of water and food as their must-haves. But even though it wasn't a huge surprise, it was still funny to hear almost everyone admit to one thing they couldn't do without: shots of booze. Good tequila, to be exact. Watch the video above to see them all cop to a cheeky few before getting on stage.