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How UK Garage Became Grime: A Clip from Tomorrow's 'NOISEY London' Documentary on VICELAND

Tune in on Tuesday, April 19th at 10PM ET.

Tomorrow night, VICELAND will premiere NOISEY London, an immersive look at London's thriving grime and hip-hop scene that includes interviews with Skepta (who we recently caught playing his first gig at Berghain), his brother JME, Jammer, Giggs, and more. In the above excerpt, East London grime MC Ghetts gives host Zach Goldbaum a history lesson on the genre's roots in British dance music, when young producers and vocalists substituted the R&B influences of UK garage for darker sounds and narratives.


Ghetts—who got into grime after being released from prison at the age of 18—explains the origins of the genre's icy synths and stories of London street life as a reflection of the reality its pioneers were living day to day. "The change between garage and grime—it really reflected what was happening in the streets at that time," he says. "People started dying, more robberies was happening, and I kind of feel like the music was reflecting that."

Tune in to VICELAND on April 19th at 10PM EST in the US and Canada to watch the full episode. Trailer below.